Would you live here? 7 Bizarre Homes

(Adapted from , http://www.businessinsider.sg/)

Would you live here?

This home was built by sanitation activist in Suwon, South Korea, and YES, it was designed to look like a toilet.


These homeowners from Abuja, Nigeria took traveling to new heights. They couldn’t get enough so they decided to build their house as an imitation of an airplane. Brings new meaning to , The Sky is the Limit.


This upside down house in Germany is more of a tourist attraction. Still, take a peek.


Another upside down home,  this time, from Russia. There’s a Porsche glued to the top. I wonder if anyone has tried to get it down. Free ride anyone?


These friends did more than getting away with this solitary house in the Serbian town of Bajina Basta. Where is the dock?? I guess you can swim to it.


If you don’t want to be tied down, why not get a non-permanent home like this in Berlin? You know, the type that melts away. No cleaning needed–well sort of.

ice ice1

What about this solar-powered home built like a sundial? Functional and energy-saving. Two for the price of one.


As we all know, homes come in various shapes and sizes. Architects are finding new ways to reinvent them. Any interesting homes that you’ve come across lately?

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